Android Reverse Engineer

Six Sections to learning Android reverse engineering. Complete left to right and top to bottom for the tailored experience. We generally recommend three or more hours on each section (however, this isn’t a hard and fast rule).

Software Engineering Training

C for Everyone: Programming Fundamentals is a great course for kicking off your software engineering journey if your new or especially new to C.

Software Engineering Challenge

After you’re comfortable with C, spend a few hours or days developing a chat server. Develop both the chat server and client in C and add features such as: friends, messaging, passwords, etc.

Android Internals Training

Complete the #TODO low level Java for Android course.

Android Internals Challenge

Create a simple Android application in Java and hide several CTF-style flags inside of it. Ensure to use features such as IPC, internal storage, permissions, and more.

Reverse Engineering Training

Start off with the Reverse Engineering Fundamentals #TODO course. Following this complete the Android Penetration Testing #TODO course, then follow this up by completing the Maddie Stone Android RE training website.

Reverse Engineering Challenge

Take some time between this challenge and the previous challenge. Then take the APK developed and identify your hidden flags without using the source code.